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Still thinking. What are you waiting for

Still thinking? What are you waiting for!
Are you looking for an accounting software that does NOT require you to have accounting background? A software that can help you manage financials of your small business without having to spend a lot? A software that can be accessed from anywhere and that saves you a lot of time and effort?

If that’s what you have been searching for, then your search ends here! TopNotepad is the simplest cloud based invoicing, accounting and CRM software for freelancers and small businesses. It is an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for multiple costly subscriptions to a variety of software services.

The software is designed to handle bookkeeping automatically when the user logs invoices and expenses, simplifying the financial aspect of running a small business. Along with the robust financial functionality, TopNotepad also serves as a CRM, letting users import and track leads to improve conversions.

The user interface is carefully designed to make business processes as simple as possible. For a busy small business owner and a freelancer, this is a considerable benefit. The program has a very small learning curve, preventing new users from becoming overwhelmed while trying to figure out how to use the program.

TopNotepad puts a range of accounting, invoicing, and CRM features directly at your fingertips -- starting at $0. Designed especially for freelance professionals and small businesses, we’ve developed a service that meets your needs perfectly, at a monthly rate you can easily afford. Here is the list of a few key features TopNotepad offers:

- Create estimates, quotations or proforma invoices
- Generate invoices across variety of invoicing templates
- Integrate and accept online payments against invoices
- Log and categories expenses across different heads
- Get a bird’s eye view of your business through exhaustive reporting
- Access profit and loss statement and balance sheet in just one click
- Create multiple users and grant access to modules as per responsibility
- Inbuilt CRM that lets you import, allocate and track leads conversion

Please note, running a small business isn’t easy. Lacking the vast resources and large staff of larger companies, it can be a real struggle to compete in today's increasingly globalized market, especially as giant international conglomerates increase their market share and drive down their prices, forcing competitors out of business. Thus, it’s critical for a small business to proactively manage cash flow and payment issues, which are among the biggest challenges small businesses face.

One way to deal with this is with modern technology – keeping schedules with reminders about invoices that are due is a great way to stay on top of the money you are owed, and using online invoicing and accounting services like TopNotepad is a great way to help clients cough up what they owe, and keep you going. Similarly, for a freelancer keeping organized books and invoices is essential. A successful freelancer will soon discover that the number of clients have grown more than he or she can keep track of. And, let’s be honest, getting paid after a job well done is the most important bit. So, being on top of your invoicing and bookkeeping is crucial for a freelancer as well.

Having realized that invoicing and accounting are critical for running a small business, the next logical step is to pick-up the right tool for managing the financials of your business.

Here comes the tough part, there is no dearth of accounting software, they have been there from a long time and there are many. A few of these programs are very sophisticated and simultaneously complex and the others that are not too complex fail to adhere to double entry bookkeeping system of accounting. Your choice becomes tougher when you bring the free vs. paid and desktop vs. cloud angle.

Amidst so many service providers, features and option of web vs. desktop, it’s not easy to make a choice.

Our recommendation to a small business owners is to try a few products, most of them have a free trial. Understand the offering and make sure it fits your requirement before purchasing or subscribing to the product. Picking a tool from the list of best accounting software may not be best in your interest.

Conclusion: Disciplined bookkeeping is important for small businesses, it gives you an immediate glance on how you stand, what your small business track has been so far and it can help you evaluate the future of your business. Don’t be overwhelmed, seek help of technology, go for a simple invoicing and accounting software.

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