Top 3 easiest online business opportunities

With increasing internet penetration and globalization making money has become easier than ever before. We researched and have compiled top 3 online business opportunities that require almost zero capital and very basic skills.

Setting up these businesses would take no more than few hours.

1. Virtual assistant This is the simplest of all. Virtual assistant jobs are highly rewarding provided you are good at time management and have great organizational skills. Having other computer skills like MS-office, email writing can give you an edge over others.

A virtual assistant job can range from managing emails of a busy executive to scheduling doctor’s appointment for the executive’s children. Compensation ranges from $10 per hour to $60 per hour (top virtual assistants do make that kind of money).

You can find opportunities for being a virtual assistant on portals such as freelancer.com, upwork.com and many others.

2. Writing Reviews This is another low hanging opportunity that can be easily grabbed. Online buyers while researching for product/service they want to buy, always look for reviews of prospective vendor/s.

These reviews are written by clients or users who experienced the product/service and are posted on social media sites or exclusive review portals or are available on vendors portal.

A few exclusive review portals that aggregate reviews offer cash or gift cards to the reviewer. Portals like Capterra, G2crowd reward the critique with gifts ranging from $5 to $25 for each review! These reviews might take no more than a few minutes.

Also, if you have a great network on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can also become an influencer and charge brands for writing Facebook and Twitter posts to promote their products.

3. Drop shipping

Another great business that can be run from home. All you need to do is identify products that are cheaper in your city and that can be sold online.

These products could be the ones that are locally manufactured and are cheap because of inherent resource advantage or products/brand that have a warehouse in your city. You can also choose to sell products that your city is popular for.

Just make a list of such items, choose the ones that you can easily procure at very short notice and list them on popular ecommerce portals like ebay, Amazon and other ecommerce portals popular in your region or globally, provided you can ship the stock out of your country.

These three online opportunities listed above are great small businesses and have potential of generating handsome rewards with very little efforts. In case you are looking to start on your own, pick the one that you liked the most!