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Sales (Invoicing, estimates, quotations & more)

1. Create Invoice
     a. Create an new invoice
     b. Copy an existing invoice to a new invoice
2. Edit Invoice
3. Delete Invoice
     a. Delete single invoice
     b. Delete multiple invoices
4. Log a payment
5. Edit Payment
6. Schedule Payment reminder
7. Issue a payment receipt
8. Delete Payment Receipt
9. Create Delivery Note
10. Create Estimates/quotations
11. Edit Estimate
12. Delete Estimate
13. Convert an estimate/quotation to an invoice
14. Add a new product/item
15. Log product purchase details
16. Edit product details
17. Delete product
18. Add client
     a. Add a new client
     b. Add multiple clients (import client list)
19. Edit client
20. Delete client
21. View Invoices and Payments Summary of a Client
22. Log Advance payments made by a client
23. Delete client advance (Credit Balance)
24. Set-off client’s credit balance against an unpaid invoice
25. Log refund and issue refund receipt
26. Delete Refund
27. Issuing a credit note
28. Delete credit note
29. Invoice Dashboard

Purchases and Expenses

30. Purchase Order
31. Edit Purchase Order
32. Delete Purchase Order
33. Log a purchase bill
34. Log an expense
35. Copy expense/purchase bill to create a new expense/purchase bill
36. Edit Expense
37. Delete Expense
38. Edit Expense Payment
39. Delete Expense Payment
40. Log Payment made to vendor
41. Add a new vendor
42. Edit vendor
43. Delete vendor
44. Advance payment made to a vendor
45. Delete Advance Payment made to vendor
46. Set-off excess amount paid to vendor against an expense
47. Log refund received against a purchase bill
48. Delete refund
49. Log credit note issued by your vendor
50. Delete credit note
51. Expense Dashboard


52. Profit and Loss Statement

53. Cash Book

54. Bank Book

55. Tax reporting


56. Company Details
57. Invoice Settings
58. Add/Edit Expense Category
59. Bank Settings
     a. Add Bank. Cash deposits and interbank transfers
     b. Edit bank details
60. Integrations
     a. PayPal Integration
     b. Stripe Integration
61. Change password (Under construction)
62. Add new user
63. Raise Support Ticket (Contact us)
64. Plans & Upgrades (Manage subscription)


65. Add/Edit Logo
66. Delete Logo
67. Log an expense against an invoice (link invoice and expense)
68. Customize email content
69. Inventory Reports
70. Log payments received in bank account
71. Apply filters to simplify data search across listings
72. Retrieve password (Under construction)
73. Data Backup