Steps to add a user

Step 1: Click on the logo icon on the top right.


Step 2: From the drop down, please click on the ‘Settings’ option.


Step 3: Please note, a new user can be added in a multi-user account subscription package only. Click on “Add User” button as shown in the below screenshot.

Add User

Step 4: Fill all the details like name, email, username, password and select the modules which you wish to assign to the user. User will see only the assigned modules.

Modules Selection

Step 5: To activate the user, check the appropriate check box. In case you wish to restrict the access of a user to a particular ip address, please check the appropriate check box and provide the ip address. There is also an option where you can provide super access to a user. User with such rights can view, edit, delete data entered by other users.

Checkbox Selection

Step 6: Click on save button.

Save Button

Step 7: The user gets added to the listing.

User List

Step 8: To edit or view the details of the user click on the username as shown in the screenshot below.

Edit User

Step 9: Make necessary changes to the user and click on save button.

Edit User Save

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