Steps to log a refund & view receipt

Step 1: To log a refund, click on the add refund button as shown in the screenshot below.

Add Refund

Step 2: Please select an existing vendor from the suggestions list. Next, select the bill number against which the you received refund. Please note, you can log a refund for amount no more than the amount you paid to the vendor against the specific bill. If you never paid or not logged a payment , then you cannot log a refund, the software will not allow you to create a refund record for such unpaid expense.

Refund Form

Step 3: Fill out the details of refund as shown below and click on ‘Save’ button.

Refund Save Button

Step 4: After clicking on 'Save' you can view the refund in listing.

Refund Listing

Step 5: To view refund summary, click on action icon as shown in the below screenshot.

Refund Action Icon

Step 6: Refund summary would be presented in the format as shown below.

Refund Receipt

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