Steps to create an invoice

Step 1: To create an Invoice click on the "add invoice" button as shown in the screenshot below. An Invoice form will open-up with different formats, select the suitable format and fill the necessary information as shown in the following steps.

Add invoice

Step 2: If you are invoicing a new client click on the add client button and if you are invoicing an existing client, type the clients name and select from the suggestions list.

You can even edit the title of the invoice by selecting the appropriate value from the drop down (Invoice, Tax Invoice etc.,.)

There is an option to change the currency of a given invoice. Just click on the currency code (as shown in the screen shot below, highlighted by point #3)

Add client

Step 3: If you are invoicing a new client as noted above please click on the “add client” button, this action will pop-out a client details form. Please fill out the details like client name, client VAT number (if applicable), address etc., and click on “Save” button.

client details

Step 4: If tax is applicable on the invoice, please select appropriate tax from the drop down and provide the tax rate against the line item.

Invoice details

Step 5: Fill out the required information for creating the invoice as shown below. Provide information of product or service in the description section. In case you are selling a product, you may add the product by clicking on “add product” button, which appears when you start typing in the description section (this is optional though) and if it’s a customized service, you may just type the details.

Invoice details

Step 6: Click on ‘Generate Invoice’ button to create invoice after providing all the required information. Please take note, you have option to add specific notes and terms and conditions, if any, related to the invoice.

Invoice details

Step 7: That’s it! Your invoice is ready. You can now choose from the available styles. These styles present the same invoice in a few different ways. You can choose the style, you like the most.

Invoice details

Step 8: Down, below the invoice, you will see quite a few options like PDF, you can click on it to generate the PDF version on the invoice, which can be printed. The other options include edit, email etc., you may explore all of them.

Invoice details

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