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Every business needs a tool to manage leads

Business of every size needs to be very organized when it comes to managing leads i.e., the potential customers. When a business is very small, there may be only a few leads and it will be easy to manage, however as the business grows it becomes hard to maintain the ever growing leads list, this might impact a business’s ability to follow up with the prospective clients. You may see clients list growing in absolute numbers but the conversion would take the hit. The solution here is to stay organized in managing leads, you must use the right tool to manage your leads and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are the best at helping you achieve maximum conversion, if used optimally.

Now you might be wondering what is CRM.Well that is one secret that transforms your business into a vibrant one. It is a system that helps you log/manage leads. It is a tool that can boost up and automate your business sales process. This software not only keeps you and your potential clients in contact but also improves the pace at which your business grows as it lets you cross sell an up sell products to your existing clients as well.

While CRM applications available in the market have evolved significantly, the core job of the CRM software is managing leads.

Your marketing team may successfully generate a lot of leads, however if your sales team is unable to convert the business will not be able to sustain. The most important method to prevent leads from getting lost is to use a lead management system (a part of any CRM application).

Keep in mind, leads are the people who are more interested to know/use the product/service you offer. Let’s look at a few key features a leads management tool must have:

Log and allocate leads

A good leads management software should let you log leads allocate them among your employees. It should also have an option to import new leads from various sources, when the number of leads you are dealing with are very high.

Leads Nurturing
The tool should let you create lead stages and you should be able to seamlessly move leads across these stages. Lead stages could be: Contact, Negotiation, Converted, Defected etc.,.

Leads Conversion
Should let you swiftly convert the leads to customers if the deal is sealed and must let you invoice your lead.

Lead tracking
Must give you birds eye view of your leads process by auto generating dash boards that provide distribution of leads across the stages you created.

Lead history
The system also keeps records of the person’s full history of interaction and you can analyze the strategy of how the person was converted from being a lead to a customer.

Helps build relation and stay in touch
The flexibility of your invoicing software can enable you to use invoicing not just for communicating the cost of your product/service but also for marketing your brand. Smart use of the space available on your invoice can give you opportunity to showcase other product/services you provide.

Automation reduces burden on resources
The automation of the entire leads management and tracking process would bring in overall efficiency reducing the usage of key resources..

Today, lead management has grown to become one of the most important process for every successful business.

Topnotepad is one such software that has the key features of lead management system. It also has other features like online invoicing, expense manager.

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