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Free invoice template

Free invoice template

Online invoicing and billing template for small businesses and freelancers.

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Still thinking. What are you waiting for

Still thinking? What are you waiting for!

You will find many free invoicing templates out there however the free invoice template that you need may not be readily available. The whole invoicing template space though organized is still very diverse. A template may suit only a tech freelancer and an another template may be suitable for a handy man doing carpentry and then there are those templates that try to be a one stop shop. The ones that cater to specific segment (example: international trade) and are governed by rules are mostly embedded tools of a bigger software like accounting, CRM etc.,. and would not be easily available on the other hand a free online invoice creator, which only does the invoicing portion, gives you a printable format (like PDF) and can be used flexibly across different businesses would claim to be efficient and would be available mostly for free.

Just invoicing/billing alone may help keep track of the revenue however the expenses, accounting, CRM and reporting feature would not be part of these free invoicing templates.

So first let us look at what are the various aspects that needs to be tracked in an invoice for any business which will then lead us to features one should look for in a paid or free online invoice creator.

A client, of any business, would need the following:

- Invoice date

- Address of the invoicing company

- Clients name and address (if available/applicable)

- Details of product/service sold

- Per unit price of the product/service

- Clearly stated payment terms and any other conditions

Above are a few key and must have information, there is more that can be included to increase transparency and reduce confusion for example: purchase order number (if applicable), payment due date, logo, signature, stamp, taxes, discounts etc.,.

Now, invoicing alone, with flexibility to add and remove all the different information noted above requires a very powerful tool with option of different invoicing formats, so can a free invoice template provide such flexibility?

Please note, we are talking about invoicing or billing, a very critical aspect of your business, you may not get paid, if you do not do this right even though you may have surpassed expectations in delivering the actual service. For such an important activity do you want to rely on a blank invoice template? Our recommendation for you is to look for an affordable and exhaustive solution to manage your business. A paid generic alternative which takes care of 85% of requirement is better than a free invoice template or high priced industry specific software.

There are enough and more web based software which provide access basis subscription. Most of these are promoted as industry + invoicing software, example architect invoicing software but are much more than just invoicing or billing. These are quite exhaustive and take care of complete accounting and have different invoice formats as well to cover different kind of businesses. If you use them smartly you can call them an online invoicing template designed for your specific business like the TopNotepad.com

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