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Still thinking. What are you waiting for

Still thinking? What are you waiting for!
Here is easy online accounting software that ensures you are sales tax compliant with minimal efforts, helping you save time. Sales tax is an indirect tax levied on goods and services sold for consumption. The tax helps the government generate revenue.

This revenue boost helps the government continue to provide world-class public services like hospitals, roads, public schools, parks, waste control, and security services as all these services are paid for from the government budgets.

Every business is needs to be sales tax ready and comply with the tax regime. It is critical for every registered entity to ensure taxes are remitted and tax returns filed well before the due dates.

Consumers pay the sales tax, but it is levied and remitted to the government by businesses selling the goods and services.

TopNotepad is a cloud-based affordable invoicing and accounting software that helps small businesses seamlessly manage books of accounts and be sales tax compliant.

For those who are not upgrading to TopNotepad, below list highlights the steps to be sales tax ready.

- If you use accounting software, please upgrade the same
- Get trained and train your finance staff about the nitty-grittiest of the sales tax regime
- Be on top of all the news and notifications shared by your tax authorities
- Set-up milestones to ensure you keep pace with the implementation
- Ensure you complete all the required paperwork
- When you make purchases for your business, make sure your vendor issue a compliant invoice
- If you are under-resourced, please do seek help from tax experts
- Understand and prepare for any opportunities or threats from the new regime

If you are a small business, you can save yourself significant time and effort and also check a few items in the list above if you upgrade to TopNotepad, which is sales tax software for small businesses. The software would not only help you be compliant but also help you manage other aspects of your business. The auto-bookkeeping feature creates all the required book-keeping documents with no additional work, create sales tax compliant invoices and log your expenses, that’s it!

We strongly recommend small businesses, not to invest in industry-specific software, which are complex and may not be affordable. TopNotepad is carefully designed software to manage books and invoices for a variety of small businesses.
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