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Good invoicing software

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Still thinking. What are you waiting for

Still thinking? What are you waiting for!
TopNotepad is a good invoicing software to create simple, clean and unambiguous. We say it is good because it is not only super simple, affordable and robust software but also because it can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world and provides a few other unique features which can add significant value to the business by making the whole invoice, to payment process much more efficient and effective.

For a business invoicing is the most critical part of sales. If the business has delivered the promised goods or services, then the time to get paid depends on the quality of the invoice.

Quality of an invoice depends on two major factors. The first is the level of detail the invoice carries and the second one is the clarity with which this information is laid-out.

On a proper invoice following details are expected to be there.

1. Name and address of the seller (including logo, if applicable)
2. A tax identification number of the seller if applicable
3. Name and address of the buyer
4. Invoice issue date
5. Date on which the payment becomes due
6. Invoice number
7. Purchase order number if applicable
8. Description of good or services
9. The unit selling price of each item
10. The total value of invoice excluding and including taxes
11. Terms and conditions of the sales
12. Details of the refund policy, if applicable
13. Signature of the issuer of invoice, if required by the law

The second factor that determines the quality of an invoice is the presentation of the details listed above. A clean and simple layout with perfectly sliced modules grouping relevant information will make invoice more appealing, readable and actionable.

Good invoicing software should not only generate an invoice taking care of the factors listed above, but it should also power up the invoice by providing robust options to the issuer of invoice (i.e., the business).

Even a hand-written invoice can be carefully crafted satisfying the details and layout criteria. The uniqueness of an excellent online invoicing software lies in providing robust options such as auto emailing an invoice, one-click online payment right from the digital copy of the invoice and consolidation and summary of indirect taxes (Example: VAT) to enable easy compliance and reporting.

Keep the above checklist in mind while choosing software or go for our good invoicing software TopNotepad.
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