Painters Estimate Forms

Quickly create and share estimates with your client


Here are the two most widely used downloadable painters estimate forms. Instantly download the forms in PDF, Excel or Word or create estimate online. These painters estimate forms are not only simple but also clean enough to captivate your client’s attention.

Estimating is important for every business, the faster you share the estimate with your client the faster you can close the deal. To create painters estimate instantly you can edit these estimate forms both online as well as offline and add details of your client and service you intend to provide. Please note the forms can be opened in Word, Excel, Google docs or sheets. You can also email the final estimate to your client in just one click and get online approval.

These painters estimate forms are fully customizable. You can edit the layout or choose a layout from the available templates.

Typical painters estimate form covers following information:

- Your business name & logo:

Include the legal name of your business or your name, in case you are operating as a freelancer. Also include your logo, if you have one.

- Your address

Provide address for location you operate your business from. In case the address for correspondence is different, please mention that too. Along with the address provide other contact information such as your official email and contact number.

- Estimate number

Add a unique estimate number so that the document can be easily referenced in communication with your client.

- Estimate Date

This is the date on which the estimate is created and issued.

- Name & address of your client

Add name of your client along with the address & any tax identification number, if applicable.

- Description of the painters service

This is the most important section, please fill this carefully and double check. Here is where you provide the details of products and/or services you intend to sell. Clearly mention the total price and include any applicable taxes.

- Terms and conditions

Include all the terms and conditions applicable for the estimate. Please provide the estimate expiry date of the painters estimate, example: estimate/quote is valid for 30 days.

You must have noted that most of the information on the painters estimate forms is static i.e., it won’t change like your business name, logo, terms of service etc. So, when you are using painters estimate forms you need to keep only the following information handy so that you can create estimate quickly.

- Name and address of your client
- Description of product sold or details of service rendered

Using these forms estimating may appear to be a simple task however even before creating the estimate, from the painters estimate forms you need to pick the right form. And finally ensure timely follow-up so that you can close the deal by getting approval from your client.