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Mike Raine is owner of a handyman business in the USA.

Gary Smith is owner of estate agency in United Kingdom.

Andrew T is owner of a trading business in Europe.

Siddharth L is owner of furniture business in Singapore.

Mustafa Zaman is owner of a trading business in middle-east.

Job B is consultant and owns a small business in United States.

Murtuza is owner of travel agency in India.

Kenzi is founder of The Karités (Egypt). Kenzi says “Very easy to use and time saver... Helped me a lot in my work”

Ross owns T8treeservices (New Zealand). Ross says “TopNotepad is simple and very effective”.

Mark is manager at Intelligenceon (UAE). Mark says “TopNotepad is simple to use, easy to configure”.

Nicloa is a trainer at Nine to Thrive (UK). Nicola says “I have to say that I love using your product and you are always very good at responding on the rare occasion there is a issue.”.

Medha takes care of accounts at Techmaster (UAE). Medha says “TopNotepad has good flexibility and features covering varied aspects of small size business requirements.”.

Mohammed owns Lotus Trading (UAE). Mohammed says “TopNotepad is absolutely wonderful program”.

Charles is owner of Seaverti Limited. Charles says “TopNotepad has everything I need for my business. Simple and self explanatory.”

Roger is founder of Marcelle Consulting (Canada). Roger says “TopNotepad is the easiest thing you will ever use.”.

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