ZATCA E-Invoicing Subsidy Program

Learn how you can get subsidy from ZATCA for using an e-invoicing software for your business

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) has launched the E-invoicing subsidy program, where eligible taxpayers can benefit from the program by applying on the ZATCA’s taxpayer's portal. If you are a TopNotepad user, you may be eligible to take the subsidy, check the eligibility criteria below for more information.

Eligibility criteria:
Taxpayers whose annual revenue does not exceed 3 million SAR can apply for the e-invoicing subsidy program.
In order for the eligible taxpayers to benefit from the E-Invoicing subsidy, follow the steps below:
• Login to your taxpayer portal through the following link or simply click here
• Please click on the “E-Invoicing subsidy request” icon
• Fill the subsidy form
• Attach a copy of the purchase receipt of the e-invoicing solution.
If you have a TopNotepad’s paid account, you can simply download the payment receipt from the invoices page in the settings panel. Please click on the following link and view the screen shot that will guide you further:
• Attach a sample invoice generated from the e-invoicing solution:
If you have a TopNotepad’s paid account, simply download any one "Simplified Tax Invoice" or "Tax Invoice" that you created for your client on the TopNotepad platform and attach it to the subsidy form.

In order to ensure a successful implementation of E-invoicing requirements and to support tax payers with revenue less than 3 million SAR, ZATCA has introduced this program. Take advantage of the opportunity by applying for the subsidy. To get the subsidy follow the above steps.

TopNotepad is committed to support ZATCA’s endeavour to effectively implement the e-invoicing requirement by offering a simple and compliant solution to small and midsized business owners. We strongly encourage you to benefit from the subsidy program.