Landlord Invoice Template UK

Invoice your clients instantly and collect payments faster


Invoices are subject to strict regulation in the UK. This landlord invoice template UK covers all the information as required by law and is considered legal, complete, and compliant.

Using the above create invoice button, you can create and download the invoice in PDF, Word or Excel. Just enter following details in the specific section of this landlord invoice template to create a professional invoice:

1. On the top left of the template add your name or the business name you operate under
2. In the address section provide your contact information and communication address
3. The document is labeled as “invoice”, you can keep it as is or change it to “tax-invoice”
4. By default landlord invoice template UK picks up current date for the invoice. You can keep the date as is or choose a different date
5. The template lets you give a random unique invoice number to the invoice. In case you are following a sequence for invoice number, you can edit the default number to the next number in your sequence
6. In the description section provide details of the landlord services rendered by you. Please note, if required, you can add multiple rows in the template
7. Apply VAT if you have a VAT registration
8. Add terms and conditions
9. Include online payment link (optional)

In case you are using the online version of landlord invoice template, once you enter all the above details please click on generate invoice option available at the end of the template.

Is it a legal requirement to use landlord invoice template?

While it is not mandatory to use a specific template, however UK tax department i.e., HMRC has mandated specific information that needs to be included on any invoice for the invoice to be treated as a legal document of transaction or proof of trade.

Can I create my own landlord invoice template?

Yes you can. Please use this landlord invoice cheat sheet while building your own template so that you cover all the details required for invoices as there are specific legal requirements for what you must include in your invoice. As invoices are also tax documents, please do make sure you include all the above details because if the invoices don't comply with HMRC requirements you may get into trouble.

You can avoid all the extra work of creating your own template by simply using our fully compliant landlord invoice template UK professionals and businesses rely on for creating invoices that work!